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Magellan Ventures Ltd is a management consulting firm focusing on interim management, high-end project consultancy and advisory services for technology evaluation, HR & business development, marketing, operations, financial modeling and investment for expanding companies.

Key focus is on the application of financially grounded technology in multiple cross functional verticals including Expert Management Assistance, Commercialisation of Intellectual Property, Route to Market plans, Revenue Generating Partnerships, Funding and Exit Strategies. Magellan assists companies grow to the next stage in their evolution in a very practical measured and focused manner.

Magellan offers expert consulting such as full project and technical management, business process reviews, new technology tendering & evaluation, HR assessment, IP evaluation, contract negotiation, corporate partnerships, strategic planning, positioning & analysis, change management, restructuring for success and setting business direction to satisfy all stakeholders.

The practical experience that Magellan brings to any company is the experience of having been through the exact challenges that expanding companies are at present going through. In some cases we have been through the growing pains experienced by a new company several times over – each time building on the previous lessons learned.